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“Bosbaden” is an immersive pop-up experience allowing people to get up close with nature and learn about natural circular systems.




Utrecht wants to be fully circular by 2050. This is, however, mostly talked about in reports, and for most Utrechters circularity is still an abstract term. So what is a circular economy? It is all about closing loops and regenerating resources rather than wasting them - essentially mimicking natural systems and cycles. Thus, one of the best ways to make circularity a lived and seen experience is by using nature itself - something that feels tangible and conveys the principles of closing loops. After all, facts and reports don’t change our minds, experiences do.



The Bosbaden installation is based on the Japanese concept "shinrin-yoku or forestbathing” by recreating a miniature forest ecosystem. It consists of an open terrarium filled with local soil, moss, plants, and other greenery. The structure will be mounted, so viewers experience the landscape at eye-level by placing their heads within the terrarium-like structure. A complimentary 360° audio experience will be designed to reinforce the atmosphere of the 
forest using sounds recorded in local forests. What's more, visitors will hear stories about a forest's natural cycles and how they convey the concept of a circular economy: In forests, all 'waste' is a resource for something else.


~  Working together with local media artist Felipe von Dobschütz-da Silva to bring the          concept to life

~  Continuously exhibiting the installation with partners and at events, such as 

  • Duurzame Weekend 2021 at Neude, Utrecht

  • Grounded Festival 2021 in Houten, Utrecht

  • Bosbaden Weekend 2021 at Steck, Utrecht 


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Do you want to know more about this project or are you interested in collaborating?

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