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Welcome to our

circular citizen challenge

What is the earth without trees?

What is Utrecht without the dom?

What is a circular economy without people? 




Circularity is a playing field that invites everyone to participate. You too! Are you a neighbour, mother, student, brother, friend, city maker, creative, or consumer? Then this is for you!

utrecht aims to become circular. 

But a city government can’t achieve this alone.

It needs the participation of citizens to make circularity a reality!


The circular economy discourse is mostly techno-centric and currently lacks a societal dimension. We are broadening the circular economy framework, and inviting you, your neighbour and your curious nephew to participate in the transition. 


So, what can you do? What actions can YOU take to advance the urban transition to a circular model? This is what the Circular Citizen Challenge is all about. 

During February - the month of circular consumption - we invite you to explore together how Utrechters can shape the circular future of our city and our lives in it. 

First things first

In short, the Circular Economy is an economic system - inspired by natural systems - aimed at eliminating waste and continual use of resources.

Today we invite you to spend your time and brainpower and read into the wonderful world of circularity. It does come with one side effect: You will end up looking at the world from a different ǝʌıʇɔǝdsɹǝd. 


Alright, first things first: What do a river and the circular economy have in common?

They floooooooooow.


Here is a quick snapshot of the four flows that underpin the circular economy.


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