WEEK 3 - USE again

Let's talk about USE AGAIN, coined as the Close Flow.

A flow that perceives waste just as a wasted resource. So how can we reuse ‘wasted’ materials and think about the ‘end-of-life’ gameplan of any and every object (e.g. take-back, reuse etc).



This week we challenge you to ‘use again’ (and again, and again..). Waste is usually being seen as a problem, but isn’t it an underestimated valuable resource? Yes it is! Let’s first get rid of the single-use mentality. Don’t we all hate the word ‘single-use’ anyway? 


And yet, this challenge requires some creativity!


Here we go: 


> Go on a walk through your house, including bathroom, kitchen, toilet. 

> Find something that has a single-use purpose 

> Find ways to use the item again, or even better: give it another purpose!

> Share your ‘use agains’ with #circularcitizenchallenge 


Here is a thought starter: re-use the scented sticks again by refilling the container with e.g.some rosewater, essential oils and top it off with distilled water.