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Let's talk about REGENERATE.

Let's talk about doing more good and not ‘less bad’. It is an invitation to ground ourselves and revise our relationship to our earth. A reminder to touch, listen, look closer, dig, sanctify, clean, and regenerate.  It's about taking a step back from our westernized reality and seeking inspiration in the indignious world.



This week, we challenge you to make our city greener! To make every tiny corner spark of flowers Today, we’ll show you how, replace your tiles or concrete in front of your house with your very own tiny garden, turning them into corners of boundless joy.  Consider reaching out to our friends from Utrecht Natuurlijk, they are happy to help you out with the process. And the final touch? The Gemeente Utrecht has subsidies in place that can support your act of regenerating our beloved Utrecht. 


Step 1: Make your plant choice

Step 2: Erase your frontdoors tiles

Step 3: Add some new soil

Step 4: Plant your beauties

Step 5: Add water

Step 6: Wait and embrace perseverance

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